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Sponsor 4 Success, Leverage Property Management, the Louisville Urban League and others have partnered together to offer affordable rental homes to Louisville’s west end community. The federal government typically defines housing as affordable when it consumes no more than 30 percent of a household's income. Approved applicants will only be required to pay 25% or lower of household income.


The following provides a general outline of the application process

Who is eligible

  • Current resident or willing to relocate to Louisville Metro Jefferson County area

  • Maximum $50,000 household income

  • Meet other requirements determined by S4S and Leverage Property Management, including a $50 application fee.

  • Applicants also will be required to attend Louisville Urban League FIT to Rent class and Rental Readiness 1:1 counseling to develop a budget, learn their credit score, and develop an Individual Financial Plan. Applicants also will be charged a $25 application fee to apply.


Search for an S4S property on the Leverage Property Management website and complete an application. If you are determined eligible Leverage Property Management will refer you to Louisville Urban League.   

Rental Readiness

Rental Readiness focuses on preparing prospective renters on how to be good tenants. In addition to receiving budgeting and credit counseling assistance, the program helps prepare you to handle the difficulties that may arise from renting an apartment or house. Start now by attending FIT class/orientation.

Background check

Leverage Property Management will complete a background check that is consistent with industry standards. If applicant meets all criteria then an S4S Property will be leased to tenant. 

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